Super Simple Chip Dip March 23, 2011

Filed under: Recipies — LovemyMartel @ 10:24 am

Sometimes I get a craving for chip dip and I don’t have any around. Well, a few weeks back I scored tons of free Breakstone’s sour cream through my couponing. It is the best sour cream I’ve ever tasted. I had to turn it into a dip.

1 8 oz container of Breakstones Sour Cream

1 package of Hidden Valley Ranch powder

2tbs dried chopped onions

Mix all together and let set for at least 2 hours. Unoriginal, I get it.. but it’s damn tasty and knocks the socks off the store bought stuff. Don’t have any ranch packets? Omit those and double the chopped onions. Same exact thing as French Onion dip at the store. There’s waaaaay too much that can be done to this sour cream!


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