My baking soda obsession March 24, 2011

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What can I say? I love baking soda with a passion. It’s inexpensive, natural and works for EVERYTHING.

You can bake with it. Use it to clean with. It will freshen your house. It will clean your laundry… and by golly, it will whiten your smile.


I make the baking soda into a  paste by adding water. I scrub sinks and counters with it. I also use this paste if I have a pan that just won’t come clean. It’s gentle.


Add it to a load for extra freshness or scrub your carpet with it. It neautralizes dog/kid/other odors instead of just covering them up.

and my favorite… YOUR SMILE

Gross as it is, after brushing with toothpaste, I brush with baking soda paste. It gets all the extra stains off your teeth for a whiter smile. For me, works better than expensive strips, bleaches and other whitening product. I use it daily.

I wonder what else I will do with baking soda.


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