Love Food, Hate Waste – Week 1 March 27, 2011

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Well I’m not sure if I should feel excited or defeated. I blew past my $99 budget this week, but I didn’t get groceries last week, so I’m not sure if it’s a success for two weeks, or a failure for one week… I also got non-food items on this bill. I won’t really know my own break down until I go through it here. Let’s see how I did!

Goal $99 (riiiight)

Claussen pickles 3.00

Claussen relish 1.50

2 cans of Manwich 2.00

2 gallons of milk 5.36

Simply Lemonade (shelf 2.50 -1.00 off coupon) FINAL PRICE 1.50

Garlic bread 1.50

( I HATE these things, but hubby has a few days off from work this week… so I got them for him, yuck)

Oncore Lasagna 3.00

Oncore Chick Parm 3.00

Oncore Salsbury steak 3.00

Kellogs Special K 2.50

5 lbs potatoes 2.99

2 boxes cheese nips 2.00

6 packs of Uncle Bens Ready Rice 6.00 (a STEAL!! These are usually 2.19 a piece)

Bananas 1.36

2 bags Sargento Cheese (shelf 4.00 – 1.50 worth of coupons) FINAL PRICE 2.50

2 pillsbury biscut rolls (shelf 3.00- .60 in coupon) FINAL PRICE 2.40

1 cantaloupe 1.50

Sweet onion 1.17

2 Packages of mushrooms 3.00

2 Bob Evans sausage (shelf 6.18- 2.00 coupons) FINAL PRICE 4.18, which is a steal because these were on SALE, marked down from 4.59 a roll.

Snackwells cookies for Josh’s lunches 4.99 (I wish I had a coupon for these)

2 packs hot dog buns 1.78

Hamburger buns .89

Wheat bread 2.99

Hot dogs 1.19

Cheddar brauts 3.00

Deli Roast beef 6.99

Fresh tilapia 7.11

Gnocchi 1.99

3 lbs chicken tenders 7.98

Pot Roast 5.36

whole turkey breast 7.75

THINGS I BOUGHT ONLY BECAUSE I HAD A COUPON – I did MUUUUUCH better. I usually have half my list of this

Honey Mustard Dip (shelf 2.59- $1.50 coupon) FINAL PRICE 1.09, or I’d never have bought this

36 packs of kool aid (shelf 4.68 – coupons) FINAL PRICE 3.12

TOTAL GROCERY ITEMS $109.69, that’s right…. I’m over by 10%!! I don’t feel TOO bad about this though because it was for weeks, since I didn’t go last week. I can do better. =)

Non- Grocery

4 cans Alpo (shelf 3.00 – 2 BOGO) FINAL PRICE 1.50

Glade premium aerosol (shelf 2.59 – 1.00 off e-coupon, -1.00 off regular coupon) FINAL PRICE .59

Viva paper towel (shelf 2.00 – 1.20 off coupon) FINAL PRICE .80

4 sticks Right Guard deodorant shelf 15.96 – 2 BOGO coupons) FINAL PRICE 7.98

Sunday paper 1.75

Tampax (shelf 3.59- $1.00 E-coupon) FINAL PRICE 2.59

TOTAL NON GROCERY 15.21 + tax for 28.89 of product. Saved 13.68


Total amount of product before coupons, etc. =171.64, not one of my best money- saving trips, but ohhh well. I’m just proud I didn’t buy stuff just because I was getting a good deal. Ok, so I bought 4 sticks of deodorant… My hubby uses it! It’s not like it will expire, but my coupons were about to! Can’t throw 8.00 away!


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