(Just a little) About me! March 22, 2011

My name is RaeAnn. I’m 26. I’m happily married to my husband, Josh. We have three dogs: a boxer named Diesel, an english bulldog named Helga and my best friend in the world, a cavalier king charles spaniel named Kiwi.

I started this blog to help remind me of my favorite recipies; to help to get my inspiration back for creative cooking; to have a safe place to save (and share) my favorite recipies.

I am not a recipie user. I am a dumper. I get in the kitchen and I just start adding ingredients. Next time I go to make the recipie, I forget what I used. I get people asking me for recipies all the time and I think they think i don’t want to share them with them because I can’t ever cough up a recipie.

Well, here it is. Here are my secrets. This will be a constant work in progress, as I am always adding new stuff, creating new dishes and getting creative in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy!


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